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Sing 2

It's hard to be a producer when you're a koala and you have paws. It's even more difficult when your faithful assistant is older than a typewriter. And it's really fun when your troupe is a chubby guy dancing non-stop, a prickly punk girl, a shy schoolgirl, a big gangster and a mother with many children, whose children are piglets in the literal sense of the word. The recipe for success is simple — to rush to the world capital of entertainment, recruit a legendary rock musician and blow up the stage with a new show.

7.6 8112

National Champions

The star quarterback is staging a players' strike hours before the biggest game of the year to fight for fair compensation, equality and respect for student-athletes.

5.5 672

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Single mother Kelly, burdened with financial troubles, together with teenage children Phoebe and Trevor moves to a provincial town in Oklahoma, where her late father's dilapidated farm is located. Soon, the inquisitive Phoebe, exploring the nooks and crannies of their new home, unexpectedly finds old equipment for destroying ghosts. With the help of Mr. Robertson, who works as a science teacher at a local school, Phoebe and Trevor learn the truth about the exploits of ghostbusters in the 1980s, in which their grandfather actively participated. When paranormal phenomena begin to occur in a provincial town, the main characters reveal dark details about their family's past.

7.4 65303

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts

Welcome to where the magic began. Viewers of the holiday special will definitely see Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Ralph Fiennes, Jason Isaacs, Gary Oldman, Helena Bonham Carter, Robbie Coltren, James Phelps, Oliver Phelps and the rest of the main cast.

8.3 12960

The Matrix Resurrections

In two realities, Neo will again have to choose whether to follow the white rabbit. The choice, however illusory, is still the only way in or out of the Matrix, which is more dangerous than ever.

5.9 59352

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Raccoon City, where the pharmaceutical giant Umbrella was once located and life was in full swing, has turned into a ghost town. The company moved a long time ago, but in its place, deep underground, a great evil is gaining strength. When it breaks free, the only chance for the surviving handful of people to survive is to rally and find out the whole truth about Umbrella Corporation.

5.2 15985

Being the Ricardos

The story of the relationship between two superstars of American post-war television Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Together they created the sitcom "I Love Lucy — a series that has become one of the most beloved programs in the history of television.

6.8 6840

Don't Look Up

After learning that a giant meteorite will fall to Earth in six months, two scientists go on a press tour in the hope of warning the world about the danger, but they are met with distrust everywhere.

7.3 40955

The Unforgivable

Twenty years ago, Ruth Slater, trying to prevent law enforcement from entering the house she shared with her younger sister Katie, was arrested for the murder of a sheriff. Now she is on parole for good behavior, has returned to Seattle, found a job and wants to reunite with Katie, who was only five years old when they were separated. After visiting her childhood home in Seattle, where the sheriff's murder took place, Slater met the family of John's corporate attorney, who eventually agreed to help her find her sister. While Rust begins a new chapter in his life, striving to let go of the dark past, the adult sons of the murdered sheriff are determined to avenge their father.

7.2 48130

Swan Song

Events unfold in the near future, telling the story of Cameron Turner, who is expecting the birth of his second child from his beloved wife Poppy. When a man finds out about his incurable disease and imminent death, he turns to the innovative clinic of Dr. Joe Scott for help. As part of the experimental procedure, the main character will have to make his own clone, who will be implanted with all the memories and sent to live with his family, while he himself is waiting for the fate to meet his death hour in a special shelter in the forest.

6.7 3680

The French Dispatch

This is a story about a branch of an American magazine with a pretentious name (The New Yorker served as a prototype) in a small French coastal town. The work of journalists and the misadventures of the heroes of the articles are shown in three short stories. One of them is dedicated to the theft of works of art, the other to the Paris riots of 1968...

7.4 48186


An amazing Madrigal family lives in a magical house hidden in the mountains of Colombia, located in a wonderful and charming corner called Encanto. Every child in the Madrigal family has been blessed by the magic of this place with a unique gift - from superpowers to the ability to heal. Alas, magic bypassed only young Mirabelle. After discovering that Encanto's magic is in danger, Mirabelle decides that she may be the last hope to save her special family.

7.5 22254


In a world where monster wrestling is an adored sport, and monster athletes are real stars, the girl Vinnie dreams of following in her father's footsteps and begins to train an outsider monster. The loser cutie has to go through a difficult path under the guidance of a young but stern mentor to become a champion.

5.9 1771

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Eddie Brock adapts to life as a carrier of the alien symbiote Venom and simultaneously restores his career as a journalist. Chosen to write an article about serial killer Cletus Cassidy, who is living out the rest of his days on death row, the journalist receives a promise from the criminal to provide exclusive data about his life. However, to do this, Eddie must publish a message for Frances Barrison, who is secretly imprisoned for possessing a powerful force. During Brock's last visit to death row, Cletus bites a reporter, and his blood turns the criminal into Carnage— a more deadly version of Venom. When Carnage and Francis are released, Eddie experiences a crisis in his relationship with Venom and turns to his ex-girlfriend Ann for help.

6 133174

A Boy Called Christmas

A fantastic tale about a boy named Nicholas who lives in the forest of Lapland with his father Joel. One day, the local king gathers the hardiest peasants in his palace and instructs them to go to distant lands to find an object or symbol that will give people hope. Joel leaves his son to be raised by his sister Carol You, and he takes the way North to find a mythical settlement of elves called Elfhelm, but never returns. Wanting to find his father, Nicholas ventures on a long and dangerous road together with a talking mouse and a reindeer, which eventually turns into an incredible adventure.

6.7 15259


The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles is bursting at the seams. Evil tongues gossip about an affair on the side and predict a divorce. However, during the Christmas holidays at the Sandringham estate, the royal family portrays the world. They eat and drink at the same table, traditionally go hunting, but will Diana be able to continue this game?

6.9 23401

Last Night in Soho

Eloise "Ellie" Turner is an ambitious girl who dreams of becoming a professional fashion designer. To fulfill her cherished desire, she goes to London to go to college and build a successful career, but spends her weekdays alone. Only at night does Eloise's life begin to play with stormy colors and be filled with interesting events, because in a dream she is mysteriously transported to the past — to the 1960s. It is here that Ellie meets her idol - the charming singer Sandy, who takes her first steps in the world of glamour, luxury and lies.

7.2 63432

Ron's Gone Wrong

The action of the cartoon takes place in the future, when almost every child has an unusual friend for us - a walking, talking, Internet-connected robot. The plot centers on an eleven-year-old schoolboy named Barney Pudowski, who is one of the last guys in town to get his own robot buddy. But the happiness of the main character does not last long, because soon he realizes that his new bi-bot does not work like others. Now the boy has a difficult task on his shoulders – to somehow teach Ron to be human.

7.1 12206

The Last Duel

1386th year. The French knight Jean de Carrouge, known for his cruelty during battles, is trying to leave his own mark on history. Jacques Le Gris is Jean's squire, who participated with him in numerous battles and became a close friend of the knight. One day, Jacques attracts the attention of a high-ranking count Pierre, who notes the squire's sharp mind, and he contributes to his rapid promotion. When Le Gris gains power and power, de Carrouge gradually begins to lose his position in society. After learning about the rape of his wife Margarita, committed by a former squire, the knight demands a fair trial by duel.

7.5 66259

King Richard

Based on a true story, the film tells the story of Richard Williams and his wife Brandy, who, with the help of incredible efforts, raised two of the most outstanding athletes in the world from their children. The plot originates in 1988 in Compton, California, where a family raising five daughters sees them as future doctors and lawyers, as well as a couple of tennis stars. Under the supervision of a stern and demanding father, two girls pick up rackets and over the years of grueling training go down in history as legendary tennis players - Venus and Serena Williams.

7.6 27701

Red Notice

John Hartley is an FBI forensic psychologist who dreams of catching the most famous thief in the world. To do this, he joins forces with the talented conman Nolan. The guys go on the trail of the Rook, but the girl outplays them, as a result of which they end up behind bars. But now this confrontation is becoming a matter of honor, and the heroes intend to do everything to surpass the enemy. They manage to get free, and they begin hunting for a thief who is going to pull off the theft of the century. How will it work out this time?

6.5 57229

No Time to Die

James Bond has saved the world more than once, but now he has made a firm decision to go on a well-deserved rest. The hero moved to Jamaica to start a quiet, quiet life in which there will be no place for endless risk. That's just it turned out to be a pipe dream, because an old friend Felix Leiter, an employee of the American CIA, visited him. Most recently, a well-known scientist from MI6 Obruchev, who was working on the creation of the latest biological weapons, was kidnapped. Of course, all the data was classified, but now the irreparable can happen, because the information may be in the wrong hands. A real super agent, which is James, can correct the situation and return the scientist. But Bond refuses to take part in another rescue of the world. However, he has to change his mind after meeting Agent Nomi, who took his place in the department.

7.5 171873

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Xu Wenwu became the owner of a powerful artifact many centuries ago. Ten magic rings gave him immortality and great power. Going in search of the mystical village of Ta Lo, Wenwu met the beautiful Yin Li, who later gives him two children, a boy Shang-chi and a girl Xialin. Between the power of the ten rings and the Xu family, he chooses his loved ones. But the enemies do not leave him. After a while, Yin Li's beloved dies. Wenwu has only one desire - revenge, so he puts on the rings again. Shang-Chi, who is an experienced martial artist, works as a simple parking attendant in San Francisco. The bandits manage to steal his medallion, which his mother gave him. Moreover, the hero understands that their next target will be his sister, who also has a similar medallion. Together with his girlfriend, he goes to a meeting with Xialin, where their father also comes. Xu reports that their mother is still alive and is imprisoned in the very mystical village of Ta Luo. Will they be able to save a loved one?..

7.7 152864


Due to a strong solar flare, the Earth was subjected to deadly radiation and climate change, which killed animals, plants and almost all of humanity. Among the few survivors is a robotics engineer Finch Weinberg, who is hiding in an underground bunker in St. Louis with a dog named Goodyear. Ten years later, a man dying of cancer creates a humanoid robot Jeff to take care of his beloved dog. Wanting to escape from the impending natural cataclysm, the three embark on a dangerous journey across America to the west.

7 19758


The film, based on the fantasy novel of the same name by Frank Herbert, tells the story of Paul Atreides, a talented young man born into a wealthy family. He is destined for a great future, which he is not yet able to realize. One day his family is sent to the distant and dangerous planet Arrakis, where spice is extracted among the endless sand dunes — a psychedelic substance necessary for intergalactic travel. Prey is hindered by creepy creatures - huge sandworms that react to sound and devour everything in their path. While the Atreides are settling on the planet, they do not realize that they have been sent to certain death.

8.2 296494

Army of Thieves

The action takes place shortly before the events of the film "Army of the Dead", telling the backstory of the German Ludwig Dieter. While a local zombie apocalypse is gaining momentum in Nevada, the mysterious thief Gwendoline decides to take advantage of the impending chaos to commit a series of daring bank robberies across Europe. Her team of professionals is joined by fearless driver Rolf, computer hacker Corina, weapons expert Brad Cage and Ludwig Dieter, who specializes in opening bank safes.

6.4 31185


Events unfold in a fantastic kingdom. Doomed to live in the basement of a huge estate, Ella is forced to obey the orders of Vivian and her ignorant daughters. While Vivian is obsessed with finding rich suitors for her daughters, Ella dreams of becoming a seamstress one day. Meanwhile, Prince Robert rejected a lucrative offer to marry a princess from a neighboring kingdom, which caused the indignation of his father, King Rowan, who demands that his son find a potential bride or give up the inheritance in favor of his younger sister. Accidentally noticing Ella, Robert decides to meet her as a commoner.

4.2 35300


In a small town, a professional killer and a famous conman face off in a brutal confrontation. Between the hammer and the anvil is a novice girl who barely managed to enter the service at the local police station.

6.2 10816

The Voyeurs

After moving into the apartment of their dreams, Peppa and Thomas notice that their windows overlook the apartment directly opposite, unwittingly inviting them to witness the volatile relationship of an attractive couple of neighbors. But a rash attempt to anonymously interfere in someone else's life triggers a chain of events that inevitably leads to disaster.

5.9 11585


Movie is about a Chicago maniac Candyman who kills his victims by appearing to them from the mirror at night.

5.9 40634

The Night House

After the sudden death of her husband, the grieving widow sorts out his things in a country house on the shore of the lake, where she begins to notice all sorts of oddities. At first, the woman sins against ghosts, but soon it turns out that hubby had secrets from her.

6.5 22442

After We Fell

Meeting with the attractive rebel Hardin divided Tessa's life into "before" and "after". Their fates seem inextricably linked, but Tessa faces a difficult choice: accept a dream job at a major publishing house or move to London with Hardin. Their passionate love is waiting for a test of strength: the secrets of the past, new secrets and the answer to the question of what they really mean to each other.

4.8 6092


Husband and wife rethink their relationship during quarantine.

6.4 2557

My Son

During another business trip, Edmond learns that his seven-year-old son has disappeared in a children's camp. The investigation has many versions, but there are no clues at all. When the detective who connects the disappearance of the child with Edmond's professional activities is removed from the case, the father himself embarks on a search.

6 4573

The Card Counter

The main thing in poker is to keep cool and count a few moves ahead. It was these skills that William mastered perfectly when he decided to start a new life. Now he is confidently going to participate in the World Series and big money, realizing that this is his opportunity to leave behind the secrets of his past. But when fate throws him a chance for retribution, William finds himself drawn into a game where something more than money is at stake.

6.2 11507

Free Guy

In the center of the plot is a Guy - a cheerful bank clerk who lives in the bustling metropolis of Free City. His whole life follows the same scenario from day to day: waking up in the morning and greeting his beloved aquarium fish, he puts on an ironed blue shirt and, after drinking a glass of invigorating coffee along the way, goes to work ... to calmly survive one or more robberies committed by powerful people in special glasses. But everything changes when walking down the street with a Friend, a guy unexpectedly meets the girl of his dreams.

7.2 192227


Professional killer Kate works with curator Varrick, who raised her since childhood. In Osaka, the girl agrees to eliminate the mysterious target, but soon realizes that the customer wants her to kill the teenage girl Ani. Unwilling to complete the task, Kate goes to Tokyo and prepares for another task that will help restore her reputation. Before an important event, Kate meets a handsome stranger in a bar, but the next day she faints during a task. Waking up in the hospital, the killer finds out that she was poisoned, and she has 24 hours left to live. Kate goes to find out who decided to get rid of her and why.

6.2 45306


Madison's life turns into a real nightmare when she witnesses brutal murders in her dreams. But what if night visions are actually a cruel reality? Does Madison have a chance to prevent them?

6.3 60461

Halloween Kills

Lori, Karen and Allison managed to imprison the homicidal maniac Michael Myers in the basement of the house. While Lori is taken to the hospital with severe injuries, she believes that she has finally been able to destroy the violent psychopath. However, Lori does not yet know that due to the carelessness of the fire brigade, Myers managed to get out of the trap. While the killer continues to terrorize the residents of a provincial town, Laurie is not only preparing for another confrontation with a psychopath, but also suddenly inspires the residents of Haddonfield to rise up against an unstoppable maniac

5.7 53743


Terrible events unfold during a summer trip to a tropical beach, where a family with two children goes to relax. Having settled down on the sunny beach to relax enough, they soon discover that this place affects them in a nightmarish way, forcing them to age rapidly.

5.8 63919

Monster Family 2

Mila Starr is the supernatural only child of billionaire and scientific genius Madoc and his wife Marlene. It is this baby who makes a stir on the happy day of Baba Yaga and the hunchbacked butler Renfield, who are preparing for their own wedding by kidnapping the bride and groom. Now the Fishbone family will have to turn into a vampire, a mummy, a werewolf and Frankenstein again in order to save newly-made relatives from the hands of a girl who, by order of her parents, kidnaps immortal creatures around the world.

4.7 246


Roman, who is going to marry Lisa soon, arranges a bachelor party, to which he invites his brother Albert, as well as close friends Vincent, Peter and Stefan. Five friends go on a weekend hike in the wild, intending to arrange an unforgettable adventure with rafting on the river and spending the night in the forest. After hearing distant shots, friends take them for the hunting season that has opened and continue their journey. When one of the guys gets a serious gunshot wound, it becomes clear that the invisible shooter is hunting them for unknown reasons.

4.2 5893

The Guilty

Rescue service operator John Taylor receives a call from a woman in mortal danger and tries to help her at any cost.

6.3 82398

The Suicide Squad

Having formed a new suicide squad, Amanda Waller sends them to the island of Corto Maltese, where a coup was committed, ordering them to secretly land on the coast and wait for further instructions. While the first group is ambushed and finds itself under heavy fire from the local army, the second manages to carry out its plans unnoticed. And now they have to infiltrate a local scientific laboratory to destroy a top-secret project called "Starfish", simultaneously trying to save the survivors from the first group.

7.4 194810


Oil worker Bill Baker from Oklahoma crosses the Atlantic to save his own daughter Allison. A girl who went to study in Marseille was put behind bars on charges of murder, which, as she swears, she did not commit. Bill, who does not know the language, does not have any connections, will do anything to get his daughter out of prison.

6.6 18077

Don't Breathe 2

A few years after the bloody invasion, Norman found peace and solace, but it turned out that you can't escape from past sins so easily.

6.1 17590

The Kissing Booth 3

The last summer before college. Elle will have to make the most difficult decision in her life: go across the country after her amazing boyfriend Noah or keep a long-standing promise to go to the same college with her best friend Lee. Whose heart will El break in the final part of the "The Kissing Booth" trilogy?

4.7 11315

Sweet Girl

The father was left alone with his daughter after the murder of his wife by unknown people. Unable to wait for the police to investigate the case, he vows to find and punish the criminals himself.

5.5 22117