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The fascinating drama movie will tell a touching story about growing, formation and forming of the identity of the young Afro-American Chiron enduring the changes happening to it throughout three periods of life.
At first the lean timid school student who lives in one of the poor districts of Miami together with the single mother suffering from drug addiction appears at the audience. Once, escaping from group of hooligans in the abandoned house, our hero meets the drug dealer Juan. At that moment the fellow could not even guess that this accidental meeting will have a huge impact on his further life.
After a while the viewer will see already black teenager who everything also suffers from constant attacks of age-mates. Besides our hero suddenly realizes the nonconventional orientation which developed further into the first sexual experience which became the reason for the amplified cruelty from peers.
In the third, final part, we see the successful, but lonely drug dealer Chiron living in Atlanta who receives unexpected phone call from the old friend Kevin.


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