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2Love, Simon
  • Year: 2018
  • Country: USA
  • Director: Greg Berlanti
  • Actors: Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Josh...
  • Running time:
Not just is to Simon because of his relation to the world around. In fact, he is an ordinary school student, with the cares of study and the relations with friends. All this grows dim against the background of his main problem which consists in secret, hidden from all people from his environment. Simon actually, doesn't feel love to girls. So left that his attention is paid to representatives of the floor. It wouldn't be a problem, only once, one of Simon's peers has learned about his correspondence with the guy. Martin has threatened to open a secret, having demanded in exchange one service. Simon, will have to help the fellow, win the girl, most popular in school.


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Comments to Love, Simon (5)

That was literally the best movie I have ever seen.Dang.....I was so upset when Simon kept finding out it wasn't who he thought it was.I really wanted it to me Jam,their both so cute and I think it's amazing how they made it were you would never know that these 2 average, normal highschoolers were gay.Normal teens living life see I think that's what's mainly wrong with today's world.People assume to much out of someone and their scared to come out about anything.You see it doesn't matter what race,color,religion,size, or gender you are what matters is the person you become anyone can be who they want as long as they put forth the effort!!!! Love, Kaci
I love this movie so much. It warms my heart up. it was so heartbreaking to see that his friends got mad at him , i mean i kinda understand why but still he did nothing wrong. 
I love this movie so much it made me realize that I shouldn't hide who I am if people don't except me then it wasn't meant to be and I should find people that do accept me for being me. For so long now I've been wearing a mask and I've lost who I am,   I was alone for so long because I was different I ended up putting on a mask and pretending i started adjusting the way I was around each and every person. I am now in yr 7 and I'm not afraid to say it I like girls and I love myself just the way I am.
- Chloe
This was the movie that made me embrace who I really am 
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