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The movie protagonist Will Sawyer is a combat veteran as well as former FBI agent; therefore he is a true expert in security issues. He has a family of wife and children these days, and assesses security of certain skyscrapers for living. At one time he is sent on a business trip to China, to assess world’s highest and the best technically equipped building. But everything goes totally wrong when a fire breaks out in the building and Will is accused as the culprit. However, the protagonist has nothing to do with the accident and comes to the conclusion that the fire it is no mere chance and he was framed on purpose. Ford tries to get out of the skyscraper and find those who are culpable of the disaster, just to clear his own fair name. But things get really complicated when the man finds out that his wife is locked up on the upper floors of the building. The fire has already spread through the lower floors and it is impossible to get out either by stairs or by the elevator. Will decides to risk his life and save his wife and children himself or die trying.


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