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2Landing Up
The movie tells about the life of a young beautiful girl named Chrissy. Once she began the most black streak that can only exist in this world. At first, nothing foretold trouble, but for some reason, the girl was left without a roof over their heads. She totally didn't know that now she do in such a difficult situation, so she started thinking, learn to live on someone else's account. Another choice was not the heroine, because there can be no worse, and you can somehow rebuild their lives. That is why now Chrissy became entice different guys to stay overnight in their home. From the outset, her plan was at an altitude of. Every day different guys pecking on the flawless beauty of girls, as well as to her availability. Every night she spent in a new House. It would seem that now the problem girls completely solved. It is there, where to sleep and eat, and what else do you want?


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