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Doctor Who: Shada
  • Year: 2017
  • Country: UK
  • Director: Charles Norton
  • Actors: Tom Baker, Lalla Ward, Christopher...
  • Running time:
Doctor Kto and his workmate Romana arrives to Cambridge to visit professor Hronotis. He is a friend of the doctor and carefully hides the true shape. Actually professor has arrived to Earth from the far-out planet and is the master of time. Doctor Kto tells him that he has received from him a signal with a request to arrive. However professor claims that he didn't send any signals. At this time the newcomer with the planet Dronoid nourishes the artful idea in which leading role is assigned to Hronotis. With his help he wants to get on the planet to Schad on which the strongest and dangerous criminals are held in all galaxy...


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