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2The Farthest
The documentary about one of the greatest achievements and the most successful scientific project of mankind — start of two spacecrafts — "Voyager-1" and "Voyager-2". 40 years "Voyagers" continue to fly and transfer data of the scientific observations to the native planet. "Voyager: further planets" is a two-hour travel along a route of "Voyagers" — to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranium, the Neptune further, to borders of Solar system. Both devices bear on themselves gold disks with the message to aliens — in case "Voyagers" suddenly should face them on the way. The story about the discoveries made by a mission in the movie alternates history of creation of a disk message — what information was chosen by people of Earth of 1977 to send to possible neighbors in the Universe? Meanwhile, while you read this paragraph, "Voyager-1" has managed to fly by 500 more kilometers — in novel.


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