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Maya Dardel
  • Year: 2017
  • Country: Poland, USA
  • Actors: Lena Olin, Alexander Koch, Nathan...
  • Running time:
Writers are people difficult and unpredictable. They have strange destinies and not always behavior clear to the average citizen. The famous poetess and the writer by the name of Maya Dardel has improbable talent. The whole world admires her works, however the woman has preferred to retire and has many years ago lodged in the town, remote from a civilization, in the mountains of California. The public knows about private life of the heroine a little and is content only with her brilliant books. But here suddenly she makes an unexpected announcement on local radio: everything has bothered her, and she has made the decision to go to a better world. Owing to this fact, the excentric young woman searches for the young poet / prose writer who, having passed all tests and tests, will be able to become her executor after death. That is, will pass all her property and the main thing into the order of this lucky – the manuscript together with the right of the publication both other exclusive bonuses, and pleasures. By itself, very young fellows queue to be that lucky. But it isn't so simple to be pleasant to Maya. If she considers poems by the applicant garbage, then she right there sends him home. Many want to dissuade the heroine from a suicide and sing songs about as far as she is talented, however she is concerned more by aging and the fact that she doesn't seem to herself attractive any more and also fear of the fact that her talent dies away...


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