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Phineas Taylor Barnum always dreamed to achieve success, but to make it it has appeared very not easy. After series of failures and failures he has appeared in the very bottom. Incapable to give worthy life of the spouse and to children, he resolves that he has to take resolute actions. Understanding that it is impossible to make something new, blindly imitating others, he has decided to create such show which the world didn't see yet. Vagrant circuses already have managed to bother rather the audience, and Phineas has understood what can be played on curiosity of people. He has begun to create a show unique in own way for participation in which he has invited the most unusual people from all that he could find: giant, bearded woman, Siamese twins, magnificent acrobats and many others. For each of them to draw more attention, he has invented an interesting story.
Phineas's idea seems to most of people failure, but he to the last believes in success. As a result of his diligence, talent to create improbable mystifications and curiosity of public have made it a show one of the most popular. Crowds of the people wishing to look at the next representation have made Taylor Barnum not only the rich, but also famous person. But, before achieving success, it had to pass and overcome through a lot of things essential difficulties which would stop many, but only not him.


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