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2People You May Know
  • Year: 2017
  • Country: USA
  • Director: Sherwin Shilati
  • Actors: Nick Thune, Halston Sage, Kaily Smith...
  • Running time:
In the modern world global networks are included more and more promptly into our ordinary life. The picture "People You May Know" tells a story that it is possible to find in the Internet the second I, but at the same time it is possible to lose the real face. In epicenter of a plot there is a young man by the name of Jed. In life he did not achieve any heights. He has very few friends and there is no girlfriend. All the matter is that he is afraid of real-life communication. Then the guy finds a way out in creation of the double on the Internet. It does it successful, charming and talented. It turned out simply the alpha male at whom have to will appear admirers literally from first minutes.
And Jed did not lose. On his fake character numerous fans of social networks pecked. Now he has a lot of friends and subscribers with whom is what to talk about. Only the guy has to hide carefully the real face and reincarnate in the double. And from it the quite good actor turns out. However, in the games in virtual communication he absolutely forgot about the true image in the real world of people in which he is forced to live. Whether the guy will be able to achieve popularity in communication not only by means of the computer monitor, but also in real life?


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