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2The Babysitter
  • Year: 2017
  • Country: USA
  • Director: McG
  • Actors: Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving, Robbie...
  • Running time:
The teenager by the name of Cole was very lucky, he has the most beautiful, popular and cool nurse from all possible. The guy does not notice that how he completely falls in love with Bee who has to spend one more night in his house while parents have a rest at a party. She puts him to bed in the evening, but Cole out of curiosity decides to get up at night and to look, than its nurse is engaged at this time. Having left the room, he observes quite terrible and strange picture – Bee together with several friends cruelly deals shortly with some guy directly in the middle of the living room. The girl not just kills him, and does it as if in some ceremony. From the words of the company the young hero learns news, very unpleasant for himself – he has to fall the following victim, for end of a ceremony blood of the innocent is necessary.

Having called the police, Cole decides not to sit out in the room, and to give battle of the cranky company which wanted to kill him. The teenager will use all the knowledge and abilities to win this opposition and to survive. Bee and her friends open bloody hunting for the unfortunate fellow, but they could not present that their victim will be so uncompromising and cunning. Whether Cole will be able to worry this crazy night and to stop the mad nurse?


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