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2The Small Woman in Grey
Days off promise to be very saturated: the company from six people goes to the forest. They have grandiose plans and the sea of opportunities for their implementation. But to two it is not really comfortable – before Stevie and Stacey met, and now he has love affairs with her best friend, and she found a consolation in embraces of his friend. And in the company there is Richard who enrages all. He openly expresses the hatred to gays, and in their group there are two representatives of this direction. He promises to restrain if they do not begin to play pranks in a tent at night. Alex is late, and Tiffany can not arrive at all. The others decide to drink a little. In the middle of the party between children there is a conflict and Stevie decides to walk on the wood where it meets Alex. After the company well drank and even danced, they welcome guests – hunters on ghosts. They tell friends an ancient legend which says that the woman's ghost lives in these forests. She wears gray clothes and does not love when someone rushes into its possession. Her name is Jessica and she hung herself in this forest, having stopped the newborn child dying on the earth. Children laughed, but soon laughter began to escape from a throat together with blood fountains.


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