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68 Kill

Chip's problem is in what he cannot just tell "no" to beautiful women. This its weakness leads to big problems when he agrees to help the girlfriend to steal 68 thousand dollars.

6.0 3051


After collision with local morons splinters of his own smartphone get into Thomas's brain. Having left a coma he understands that return to normal teenage life is impossible because it had superabilities.

6.0 15212

Small Crimes

The former police officer stayed six years for murder attempt. Upon return home he is going to revenge, however gets to the real chaos.

5.8 5026


The movie is inspired by the history of escape of 38 prisoners of IRA from the Maze Prison in 1983 in the heat of resistance against the British power in Northern Ireland. It was the largest escape since World War II from one of the most well protected prisons of Europe. In the center of a plot of the relation between Marley and the inspector of prison Gordon. The movie in a complicated manner and dexterously shows history from two opposite sides, investigating unfreedom depths — physical or spiritual.

5.9 2168

Loving Vincent

Movie about life and mysterious death of Vincent Van Gogh.

7.8 34502

The Neighbor

The man of average years lives in the marriage reminding the stagnant swamp. But his life is changed when to the neighboring house new residents drive: attractive young woman and her aggressive husband.

5.7 6249

Going in Style

Old friends Willie, Joe and Al, despite the retirement age, for the first time decide to curtail into lives from a just way to return the pension savings. The elderly Trinity oppressed by payment of accounts and prospect to appear at the end of life without penny decides to risk everything and to commit robbery of the bank which appropriated their money.

6.6 61013

Christmas Crime Story

They say, Christmas is time of joy, gifts, magic and general love. However for police officers, statistically, it is the intense period when the crime rate just begins to read off scale...
In epicenter of events there were several people who are not connected among themselves, however actions and decisions reduced them in the uniform place in which they would not like to come to be, be on that their will. Everything began with ridiculous robbery of shop which went not according to the plan at all and led to terrible consequences. It became a starting point in a destructive way on which unfortunate characters should pass: to the police officer forced to talk, at last, to mother and to try to reestablish with her the lost communication. And also to the photographer at whom life goes to pieces, his vindictive bride, her secret lover and Santa Claus trying not to drink very much again not to come to be at the bottom of a bottle. Each character has the drama and background. But they will be reduced together in fatal evening by the Devil to decide their future. The magnificent holiday was to the heroes who did not manage to make at the right time a right choice, and forced to regret now for much...

4.4 118

Cop and a Half: New Recruit

Beyond the years the clever child and the police officer unite to catch the dangerous criminal

5.6 469


The journalist Christie Davies writes article about work of police, cooperating with the detective Rooney from department of murders. And in the first day they appear on the crime scene — the girl is hung up, and on a breast she cut out a letter. And nearby the detective Rooney finds in the building on a wall a game in the gallows and the cut-out figures which coincide with numbers of his counter and the police officer in resignation, the former detective Archer. The pensioner Archer with hunting undertakes to help with investigation when it becomes clear that in the city the serial killer is active — next day detectives find one more hung up.

5.2 8536

Tragedy Girls

In the small sleepy town there is nothing to be engaged, and nothing occurs. Almost nothing, except the serial killer who is active in the district in a mask. Two girlfriends senior pupils, his big fans, keep the video blog about murders. Girls manage to catch the maniac and decide to arrange entertainment to themselves and to people around — young psychopaths begin to kill all who are not pleasant to them. What you will only not go for the sake of likes and subscribers to.

6.0 6124

Death Note

The capable student Layt finds mysterious Death Note which can kill any whose name to enter in it. The guy decides to begin a mission for cleaning of streets of criminals. Soon the student vigilante finds out that he is pursued by the known profayler of FBI disappearing under pseudonym L.

4.6 62654

Bad Day for the Cut

When kill mother of the ordinary Irish farmer, he goes to revenge. On the way the hero should meet the criminal organization and the unpleasant truth about the past.

6.4 3178

The Hatton Garden Job

Real story about the most large-scale robbery in Great Britain. Robbers managed to take out from reliably protected bank storage cash and values for the sum of 200 million pounds. Having used the rich life experience, criminals thought up the excellent plan in which they calculated each step literally on minutes. This impudent robbery did to many noise and made all its participants "celebrities".

5.9 3371


Teenagers from the unsuccessful area are involved in drug traffic under supervision of the cruel and dangerous dealer. When to the city there comes the newcomer hiding a terrible secret, its relations with one of guys threaten all their business.

5.9 1993

Kill'em All

The unusual patient who is dying after mass firefight comes to usual American hospital. The slaughter renews when on its trace the group of the armed robbers comes. The survived witness — to the young nurse Syuzanna — should deal with FBI agents and participants of the international plot.

4.3 1574


Whether you know that one child vanishes in the USA each 40 seconds?

Karl's kogda sees how someone takes away her son, and police officers stay idle, it rushes to a pursuit of thieves. Without thoughts, without fear, without … phone. In this race against time for rescue of own child neither speed, nor risks matter.

5.9 26818

Crown Heights

On April 10, 1980 on streets Kraun-Hayts the shot which caused decades of judicial proceedings in search of justice sounded. Colin Warner was arrested for crime which did not commit. He fell a victim of deeply rotted through system where nobody wishes even to listen to the defendant. Innocently condemned Colin gradually loses hope for a positive outcome, and his best friend Karl King devotes the life to fight for Colin's freedom, without giving up for long years.

6.4 1325

Avenge the Crows

On streets of Los Angeles, old wounds, kindle revenge for the former member of gang and the young cousin.

5.2 209

Awakening the Zodiac

Mick and Zoya's married couple has a deplorable financial position — they live in a trailer, and Mick is interrupted by accidental side jobs. Once to them old films which are removed by the famous serial killer Zodiak fall into hands. That was active in the late sixties in San Francisco and was not caught. Having seduced with an award in 100000 dollars, they do not carry a film in police, and together with the friend containing a pawnshop try to find Zodiak independently.

4.8 1351

Chasing the Dragon

1963. One collective farmer decides to flee from communistic China to the corrupted and selling Hong Kong forever to exchange work in the field for a profession of one more street bandit. For the sake of bright future and a piece of bread the persistent illegal immigrant agrees to enter war between criminal clans.

6.8 2559

Bullet Head

Even at the most winning game different options of end are possible. Experienced criminals, trying to clean a police warehouse on aiming, there is in a trap with a furious sentry dog by nickname De Niro. The happy final seems more and more illusive …

5.3 5238


The cop with communications in underworld suits a round-up in night club in search of the kidnapped son.

5.6 23457

Bomb City

About cultural hostility to group of punks in conservative Texas. The further their fight against hatred comes, the more she reminds a parade of violence and cruelty, calling into question into moral foundations on which the American justice keeps.

6.9 4722

Rise of the Footsoldier 3

All know how history ended, but nobody and concepts has as began...
In epicenter of events the familiar character by the name of Pat Tate appeared already much. The serious, brutal man does not take prisoner. It has the improbable skills allowing it to kill people with ease and also steel character and lethal charisma. Such person could not but join the underworld of Essex constructed on violence, blood and severe laws. Pat promptly came to gangster success, but, as we know, there everything lasts long not: today you are a king, and tomorrow – full zero. Our hero is set up, and he gets to prison. That on whom he also dared to think betrayed him! There is no Tate's rage a limit, and he knows that he will surely settle accounts with mean scoundrels that sent him for a lattice, and fatten on freedom. Corrupt reptiles will receive the! The healthy fellow prepares for long-awaited release fearlessly to return to Essex and to organize all a party under the name "Punishment"! It should pass a hard way before it returns former glory and influence, but there is no place to hurry to it, revenge is a dish which is served by cold. In case of this gangster – a dish that is pushed in the throat to everyone who will become on its road...

5.6 894

All the Money in the World

Around the world it was not richer than the person, than Paule Getty. To belong to its sort — all the same what to be god. However, when in Rome unknown kidnap his grandson, the oil tycoon, to general shock, flatly refuses to pay repayment. And then the mysterious security service specialist of Getty becomes the only hope for mother of the boy …

6.8 52217

Good Time

Having despaired to find work and to get money for payment of accounts, Connie plans robbery of bank. On a raid it takes the brother Nick suffering from intellectual deviations. Robbery takes place successfully, but at brothers in hands the package of paint blows up, and Nick falls into hands of police. Feeling guilty for the brother and also understanding as it will be heavy to transfer Nick every day without the aid of the loved one, Connie decides to pull out, by all means, the brother from hands of police. Within one night full of adrenaline, Connie makes desperate attempts to make the way to Nick and to release it.

7.3 45871

Pork Pie

The trios of casual criminals travel around all New Zealand in the yellow car Pass, protesting and pursuing the lost love while the group of police officers pursues them.

6.4 1447


The FBI agent, the specialist under cover and to an okhmureniye of women, receives a new task — to make internally investigation in the Californian road patrol. The gang on high-speed motorcycles plunders collector cars, and FBI suspects that they are helped by someone from the. The new identity of the agent under cover is called Frank Poncharello, and now it patrols roads of solar California. In workmates he gets the basic beginner and the former motorcycle racer John at whom without tears you won't look — the guy has transferred a heap of operations therefore can't live without anesthetics.

6.0 33472


A story about the farmer Wilfred James who by means of the teenage son has killed the wife and has thrown her body on worry to rats. Since then rats-trupoyedy follow Wilfred close, breaking him life and driving mad.

6.3 30550

Rough Night

What can sadden a merrily and freaky hen party in Miami? Probably, only the ridiculous death of the stripper. Now girlfriends should get out of foolish history and to somehow cover up tracks until they have fallen into hands to cops.

5.2 35731

The Book of Henry

Henry's 11 anniversaries — the ingenious boy living in the usual American suburb. He is beyond the years judicious, always intercedes for the younger brother, conducts finance of the mother, however even with his ability to count any situation on several courses forward the boy manages not all — for example, he can help nothing to the neighbour's girl contemporary whom her stepfather police officer cruelly treats. Calls to service of guardianship, the complaint to police and a talk with school teachers don't lead to anything, and then Henry decides on desperate steps, but suddenly opened disease doesn't allow the boy most to realize an idea. Henry gives to mother the records where operation which will exempt the neighbor from oppressions of the tyrant is in detail described …

6.6 17023

The Adventurers

Each thief dreams of robbery of a century, of it which would become history, would enrich for the rest of life and at the same time for law enforcement agencies would remain a riddle who has made it. Several Chinese thieves of professional level have seen such opportunity. She to appear in the territory of the European Union during the Cannes Film Festival. Children have taken to themselves in the team of several more extremely talented people among whom there are a hacker, the rock-climber and the beauty. To adventurers it is necessary not only to bypass all systems of protection on the way to fabulous riches, but also to confuse the best detective in the EU.

5.6 1979

Lies We Tell

The checked driver should deal with the British-Pakistani mistress of his dead employer, her shadowy past involves him in quest on rescue of her 16-year-old sister from violent marriage with their kuzinom-gangster.

4.1 320


Welcome to solar Suburbikon! In a fine quiet town in the heart of America. Happy families. Inexpensive pretty houses. Well-groomed lawns. Embodiment of the American dream. Wonderful life of the town is suddenly interrupted by the shocking, outstanding event — the exemplary family endures invasion into their family nest. This event pushes on the worst acts in their idyllic life — blackmail, revenge and treachery.

5.6 26993

Wind River

In the territory of the Indian reservation "Windy River" the huntsman Cory Lambert finds the mutilated body of the young girl in the desert. The skilled hunter with the tragic past, he undertakes to help with investigation of this business to the FBI agent Jane Benner who appears in the world full of riddles and violence. But whether they will be able to resist to ominous forces of these places where the nature is impregnated with bitterness and thirst of revenge?.

7.7 147969

Vincent N Roxxy

Intense story about love and violence. Two rebels unexpectedly fall in love with a difficult period of the life each other, but the cruel past follows them close.

5.5 1433


The happy family goes to have a rest to Caribbean Islands, but soon their travel breaks the tragedy. The hero should chase each other over time to save the wife and the son

6.2 5102

Locked Up

The young American who is trained in Southeast Asia very much isn't lucky. Parents don't want to communicate with her, and in the new country she is exasperated by contemporaries. Once she decides to fight back them for what she is sent to corrective school. This school appears the most real prison in which corruption, sex and fights without rules prospers. The girl should find forces and to battle to the death.

3.9 502

Grey Lady

The officer of the Boston police arrives to the island of Nantaket to find for the murderer of the workmate. However he will find there much more, than expected.

4.3 658

The Equalizer 2

Robert Mccall, a former CIA agent, was the most difficult task and top priority mission. Caught in the hottest spots in the world, Robert and had no idea what would survive until his retirement. Stress and various tests, as well as advanced age forced the main character leave the FSB hit House far away from it all and finish life in calm circumstances, but the salvation of one girl in the streets of the rebellious city entailed serious implications for Robert. You can also download movie torrent.

6.9 35211

Baby Driver

The young guy known as the Kid adores stylish music, fast driving and adrenaline in blood. All his life is continuous pursuits and firefights, he works as the driver who helps bandits to flee the crime scene. Once he really falls in love and decides to bowl off, but at first he should perform one more task which can quite be the last in his life.

7.6 330049

Murder on the Orient Express

The travel by one of the most luxury trains of Europe unexpectedly turns into one of the most stylish and fascinating riddles in the history. The movie tells a story of thirteen passengers of the train, each of which is under suspicion. And only the detective has to solve as soon as possible a puzzle before the criminal strikes new blow.

6.5 161186

The Foreigner

The former special agent, the veteran of the Vietnamese war Quan has laid down arms long ago and has started peaceful life. But after his teenage daughter in the eyes dies in terrorist attack directly, seeing that the authorities don't hurry to search for criminals, Quan himself begins search of the murderer. He will be ready to do anything to make just punishment …

7.0 73230

American Made

He was the most young pilot of Boeing 747 in the USA, and in several years became one of the richest people in America. His lifestyle was so extreme, as well as his business. The closed receptions, magnificent blondes, abrupt wheelbarrows and risk transactions. He had talent to make money from air.

7.2 117790

Crooked House

Sofia, the granddaughter of the oligarch Aristide Leonidis, invites the private detective Charles Hayward to investigate murder of her grandfather. She is sure: someone from members of household has poisoned him. Having undertaken investigation, Charles finds out that all could have a motive. Even at Sofia …

6.3 11166

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Several months later after murder of the daughter Mildred Heys criminals aren't found. The desperate woman makes up the mind to a courageous step, renting on entry into the city three billboards with the message to the authoritative Police Chief William Uilloubi. When in a situation also the deputy sheriff, infantile mother's darling with tendency to violence, the officer Dixon is involved, fight between Mildred and city authorities is only aggravated.

8.2 288251


The main character, the violator of the law, after long absence comes back to the hometown when learns that his mother has committed suicide. When he copes with shock, his heart is overflowed with the furious obsessed idea to prove that it was not suicide.

5.7 250

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