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National Champions

The star quarterback is staging a players' strike hours before the biggest game of the year to fight for fair compensation, equality and respect for student-athletes.

5.5 672

Being the Ricardos

The story of the relationship between two superstars of American post-war television Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Together they created the sitcom "I Love Lucy — a series that has become one of the most beloved programs in the history of television.

6.8 6840

Don't Look Up

After learning that a giant meteorite will fall to Earth in six months, two scientists go on a press tour in the hope of warning the world about the danger, but they are met with distrust everywhere.

7.3 40955

The Unforgivable

Twenty years ago, Ruth Slater, trying to prevent law enforcement from entering the house she shared with her younger sister Katie, was arrested for the murder of a sheriff. Now she is on parole for good behavior, has returned to Seattle, found a job and wants to reunite with Katie, who was only five years old when they were separated. After visiting her childhood home in Seattle, where the sheriff's murder took place, Slater met the family of John's corporate attorney, who eventually agreed to help her find her sister. While Rust begins a new chapter in his life, striving to let go of the dark past, the adult sons of the murdered sheriff are determined to avenge their father.

7.2 48130

Swan Song

Events unfold in the near future, telling the story of Cameron Turner, who is expecting the birth of his second child from his beloved wife Poppy. When a man finds out about his incurable disease and imminent death, he turns to the innovative clinic of Dr. Joe Scott for help. As part of the experimental procedure, the main character will have to make his own clone, who will be implanted with all the memories and sent to live with his family, while he himself is waiting for the fate to meet his death hour in a special shelter in the forest.

6.7 3680

The French Dispatch

This is a story about a branch of an American magazine with a pretentious name (The New Yorker served as a prototype) in a small French coastal town. The work of journalists and the misadventures of the heroes of the articles are shown in three short stories. One of them is dedicated to the theft of works of art, the other to the Paris riots of 1968...

7.4 48186


An amazing Madrigal family lives in a magical house hidden in the mountains of Colombia, located in a wonderful and charming corner called Encanto. Every child in the Madrigal family has been blessed by the magic of this place with a unique gift - from superpowers to the ability to heal. Alas, magic bypassed only young Mirabelle. After discovering that Encanto's magic is in danger, Mirabelle decides that she may be the last hope to save her special family.

7.5 22254

A Boy Called Christmas

A fantastic tale about a boy named Nicholas who lives in the forest of Lapland with his father Joel. One day, the local king gathers the hardiest peasants in his palace and instructs them to go to distant lands to find an object or symbol that will give people hope. Joel leaves his son to be raised by his sister Carol You, and he takes the way North to find a mythical settlement of elves called Elfhelm, but never returns. Wanting to find his father, Nicholas ventures on a long and dangerous road together with a talking mouse and a reindeer, which eventually turns into an incredible adventure.

6.7 15259


The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles is bursting at the seams. Evil tongues gossip about an affair on the side and predict a divorce. However, during the Christmas holidays at the Sandringham estate, the royal family portrays the world. They eat and drink at the same table, traditionally go hunting, but will Diana be able to continue this game?

6.9 23401

Last Night in Soho

Eloise "Ellie" Turner is an ambitious girl who dreams of becoming a professional fashion designer. To fulfill her cherished desire, she goes to London to go to college and build a successful career, but spends her weekdays alone. Only at night does Eloise's life begin to play with stormy colors and be filled with interesting events, because in a dream she is mysteriously transported to the past — to the 1960s. It is here that Ellie meets her idol - the charming singer Sandy, who takes her first steps in the world of glamour, luxury and lies.

7.2 63432

The Last Duel

1386th year. The French knight Jean de Carrouge, known for his cruelty during battles, is trying to leave his own mark on history. Jacques Le Gris is Jean's squire, who participated with him in numerous battles and became a close friend of the knight. One day, Jacques attracts the attention of a high-ranking count Pierre, who notes the squire's sharp mind, and he contributes to his rapid promotion. When Le Gris gains power and power, de Carrouge gradually begins to lose his position in society. After learning about the rape of his wife Margarita, committed by a former squire, the knight demands a fair trial by duel.

7.5 66259

King Richard

Based on a true story, the film tells the story of Richard Williams and his wife Brandy, who, with the help of incredible efforts, raised two of the most outstanding athletes in the world from their children. The plot originates in 1988 in Compton, California, where a family raising five daughters sees them as future doctors and lawyers, as well as a couple of tennis stars. Under the supervision of a stern and demanding father, two girls pick up rackets and over the years of grueling training go down in history as legendary tennis players - Venus and Serena Williams.

7.6 27701


Due to a strong solar flare, the Earth was subjected to deadly radiation and climate change, which killed animals, plants and almost all of humanity. Among the few survivors is a robotics engineer Finch Weinberg, who is hiding in an underground bunker in St. Louis with a dog named Goodyear. Ten years later, a man dying of cancer creates a humanoid robot Jeff to take care of his beloved dog. Wanting to escape from the impending natural cataclysm, the three embark on a dangerous journey across America to the west.

7 19758


The film, based on the fantasy novel of the same name by Frank Herbert, tells the story of Paul Atreides, a talented young man born into a wealthy family. He is destined for a great future, which he is not yet able to realize. One day his family is sent to the distant and dangerous planet Arrakis, where spice is extracted among the endless sand dunes — a psychedelic substance necessary for intergalactic travel. Prey is hindered by creepy creatures - huge sandworms that react to sound and devour everything in their path. While the Atreides are settling on the planet, they do not realize that they have been sent to certain death.

8.2 296494

The Voyeurs

After moving into the apartment of their dreams, Peppa and Thomas notice that their windows overlook the apartment directly opposite, unwittingly inviting them to witness the volatile relationship of an attractive couple of neighbors. But a rash attempt to anonymously interfere in someone else's life triggers a chain of events that inevitably leads to disaster.

5.9 11585

After We Fell

Meeting with the attractive rebel Hardin divided Tessa's life into "before" and "after". Their fates seem inextricably linked, but Tessa faces a difficult choice: accept a dream job at a major publishing house or move to London with Hardin. Their passionate love is waiting for a test of strength: the secrets of the past, new secrets and the answer to the question of what they really mean to each other.

4.8 6092


Husband and wife rethink their relationship during quarantine.

6.4 2557

My Son

During another business trip, Edmond learns that his seven-year-old son has disappeared in a children's camp. The investigation has many versions, but there are no clues at all. When the detective who connects the disappearance of the child with Edmond's professional activities is removed from the case, the father himself embarks on a search.

6 4573

The Card Counter

The main thing in poker is to keep cool and count a few moves ahead. It was these skills that William mastered perfectly when he decided to start a new life. Now he is confidently going to participate in the World Series and big money, realizing that this is his opportunity to leave behind the secrets of his past. But when fate throws him a chance for retribution, William finds himself drawn into a game where something more than money is at stake.

6.2 11507


Terrible events unfold during a summer trip to a tropical beach, where a family with two children goes to relax. Having settled down on the sunny beach to relax enough, they soon discover that this place affects them in a nightmarish way, forcing them to age rapidly.

5.8 63919


Roman, who is going to marry Lisa soon, arranges a bachelor party, to which he invites his brother Albert, as well as close friends Vincent, Peter and Stefan. Five friends go on a weekend hike in the wild, intending to arrange an unforgettable adventure with rafting on the river and spending the night in the forest. After hearing distant shots, friends take them for the hunting season that has opened and continue their journey. When one of the guys gets a serious gunshot wound, it becomes clear that the invisible shooter is hunting them for unknown reasons.

4.2 5893

The Guilty

Rescue service operator John Taylor receives a call from a woman in mortal danger and tries to help her at any cost.

6.3 82398


Oil worker Bill Baker from Oklahoma crosses the Atlantic to save his own daughter Allison. A girl who went to study in Marseille was put behind bars on charges of murder, which, as she swears, she did not commit. Bill, who does not know the language, does not have any connections, will do anything to get his daughter out of prison.

6.6 18077

Sweet Girl

The father was left alone with his daughter after the murder of his wife by unknown people. Unable to wait for the police to investigate the case, he vows to find and punish the criminals himself.

5.5 22117


An official learns to empathize with people when he is assigned an almost impossible task: he must determine the amount of compensation for families who suffered incalculable losses as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The film is based on real events.

6.8 5181


Gloucester, Massachusetts. A deaf family runs a fishing business. 17-year-old Ruby — the only hearing member of the family-helps deaf parents and brother in fishing. At school, she joins a local choir, where she realizes that she loves to sing. The choir director persuades her to think about a music school, and now the girl is forced to choose between a family and a new dream.

8.1 16138


American tourist Beckett, travels through the rocky areas of Greece with his girlfriend April. The heroes go on another excursion, but get into an accident, after which the police begin to hunt Beckett, who, apparently, is involved in a strange political conspiracy. Not understanding what is happening, the hero tries to get to the American embassy, where, as he hopes, they will help him understand the situation and provide protection...

5.6 19770

No Man of God

FBI analyst Bill Hagmeyer, as part of a new study of the behavior of serial killers, conducts a series of interviews with Ted Bundy, who killed more than 20 women. The charismatic nature of the criminal begins to distort the perception of the agent, with each meeting it becomes more difficult for him to remain objective and not succumb to the charm of Bundy.

6.5 2290


A truffle hunter lives alone in the wild Oregon desert. When his beloved pig is kidnapped by unknown people, the forester has to rush to find her and come face to face with his past.

7 13812

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Teenager Connor was the only witness to a brutal murder and is now hiding from two killers in the wild forests of Montana. Together with a female rescuer who came to his defense, the guy flees from mercenaries and a raging forest fire.

6 37932

Run Hide Fight

17-year-old Zoey Hull, trying to cope with the death of her own mother, goes to school, but on the same day the school is captured by four aggressive teenagers, led by the odious outcast Tristan. When terrorists break into the school cafeteria, they begin randomly shooting shocked students and staff, simultaneously broadcasting their own actions live on social networks. As the bloodshed continues, and the world's media is intensely following the development of the situation, Zoey, using her mind and survival skills, decides to fight back against the criminals.

6.5 16712

The Tomorrow War

School teacher Dan Forrester finds himself in a team of recruits going to the year 2051 to help humanity of the future, losing the war with alien invaders. He and the rest of the recruits from the past are the only hope of the noticeably thinned population of the Earth for salvation from alien enslavement.

6.6 127268

The Ice Road

Thin melting ice. The weight of the truck is 33 tons. It is possible to drive on a frozen surface only at a certain speed, and stopping or accelerating means certain death. But this is exactly the task facing a column of trucks led by an experienced driver Mike. Only they can save people from a collapsed diamond mine. However, neither the ice cracking under the wheels, nor a massive snow storm can compare with the threat that awaits drivers ahead.

5.6 20156

The Woman in the Window

The film adaptation of the bestseller of the same name tells the story of Dr. Anna Fox — an unsociable woman who spends her free time in her New York apartment, diluting her loneliness with wine and old movies. Anna also likes to spy on the Russells — the perfect family living next door. So she becomes a witness to an event that radically changes her life.

5.7 47899


Экипаж космического корабля, направляющегося на Марс, обнаруживает на борту случайного пассажира. Однако миссию остановить уже невозможно, впереди долгие месяцы пути, а после серьезной аварии команда понимает, что ресурсов до конца полета хватит не на всех. И это не последняя опасность, с которой экипажу предстоит столкнуться на пути к далекой планете.

5.6 33826


In 2011, a large corporation closes a mine located in a small town in Nevada, which leads to a massive outflow of local residents from the region. When 60-year-old Fern loses her permanent job, she decides to convert her personal van into a mobile home to lead a nomadic lifestyle, traveling around the United States and earning a seasonal part-time job. In his spontaneous adventure, Fer meets new friends, and also learns survival skills and independence on the road, gradually learning the wisdom of nomadic life in the modern world.

7.4 103467


As a result of a global catastrophe, electronic devices stop working and people lose the ability to sleep. The world is plunging into chaos. Only Jill, a former soldier with a troubled past, may have the key to salvation — her own daughter.

4.8 6937


A woman wakes up in a cryogenic chamber and realizes that she has lost her memory. Her oxygen supply is running low, and in order to survive, she needs to remember the past.

6.5 22963

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Teenager Connor was the only witness to a brutal murder and is now hiding from two hitmen in the wild forests of Montana. Together with a female rescuer who stood up to protect him, the guy runs away from the mercenaries and the raging forest fire.

6 30647

The Mauritanian

The film, based on the memoir "The Guantanamo Diary", will tell the real story of Mohammed Ould Slahi, who, on charges of the US government, spent more than six years in prison. Rumors were suspected of committing a terrorist attack, but during all this time, no official charges were brought. Only a few years later, Mohammed received the right to legal aid. In the fight against the government, he was helped by lawyer Nancy Hollender, risking his reputation, after which the truth about the Rumors began to leak to the media.

7.4 13381

The Father

Anthony is an elderly London aristocrat who lives in a spacious apartment, but can no longer take care of himself, which burdens his daughter Ann. After a woman meets a man she loves and wants to move to Paris with him, she starts looking for a suitable nurse and hires a young and naive Laura. An 80-year-old man, lost in time, surroundings, and even confused in his memories, becomes very hot-tempered and suspicious, unable to understand what is happening around him.

8.3 8468

The Postcard Killings

The only daughter of Jacob Canon, a detective from New York, is brutally murdered in London, where she went on her wedding trip. The hero plunges into depression and tries to drown out the heartache with alcohol until his wife Valerie forces him to go to Europe to track down a serial killer. Jacob flies to another continent and visits Sweden, England, and Spain, trying to find clues, but the only clues are postcards from museums that the maniac sends to journalists before each new murder...

5.7 6930

Son of the South

In this poignant true story set in Montgomery, Alabama, a Klansman's grandson must choose which side of history to be on during the Civil Rights Movement. Defying his family and white Southern norms, he fought against social injustice, repression, and violence to change the world around him. SON OF THE SOUTH is from executive producer Spike Lee and is based on Bob Zellner's autobiography, "The Wrong Side of Murder Creek."

5.5 441

Happiest Season

Abby lives with her beloved Harper and plans to propose to her during Christmas dinner, and at the same time meet all her strange and large family. However, the main character did not know until the last minute that Harper did not tell her relatives about their relationship and in general still hides her orientation. Abby then begins to doubt the girl she thought she knew well. Things finally get out of hand when Harper's ex-boyfriend shows up...

6.6 27226

The Little Things

After being released on parole from prison, Eddie Palmer returns to his hometown in Louisiana to start life with a clean slate. His grandmother Vivian forces her grandson to start attending church, and then the ex-criminal gets a job as a school janitor. When Vivian's neighbor Shelly suddenly disappears, an elderly woman begins to look after her young son Sam. As Palmer is forced to take care of Sam on his own shoulders, the ex-con suddenly has a real purpose in life and a desire to fight for a better future...

6.3 42003


After being released on parole from prison, Eddie Palmer returns to his hometown in Louisiana to start life with a clean slate. His grandmother Vivian forces her grandson to start attending church, and then the ex-criminal gets a job as a school janitor. When Vivian's neighbor Shelly suddenly disappears, an elderly woman begins to look after her young son Sam. As Palmer is forced to take care of Sam on his own shoulders, the ex-con suddenly has a real purpose in life and a desire to fight for a better future...

7.3 16980

Breaking News in Yuba County

Sue Buttons, who dreams of fame and popularity all her life, but can not achieve recognition. One day, the heroine gets a chance when her husband disappears under mysterious circumstances. Sue immediately finds herself in the center of attention and goes in search of her husband around the county of Skirt. In an attempt to maintain her fleeting popularity, the heroine visits her sister, who works as a reporter and is looking for a fascinating story. And now Sue has not only the opportunity to find a husband, but also to find the real fame that she has long dreamed of.

5.5 1139


The main heroine of the story is the aspiring fairy godmother Eleanor, who learns that her profession is not very much in demand in our time. Therefore, she decides to prove that the world and people still need fairies. She finds a mournful letter from a ten-year-old girl and goes to help, unaware that the author - Mackenzie - has already turned forty.

6.1 7397