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Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins always dreamed to sing on the stage. Here only the nature did not allocate it with hearing and voice. But unless the lack of talent is an obstacle for the person who very much seeks for execution of a dream? And the rank of the most useless singer in the world not all can spoil mood!

6.8 43904

Hail, Caesar!

Welcome to Hollywood – the empire of gloss, luxury and defect. Here idols of millions live. That day – a feast for society columnists. And once the leading man in the movie "Long Live Caesar!" disappears. Neither the wife, nor numerous mistresses know where it. And now the producer of studio is waited by cheerful day, it has to find a star before reporters …

6.3 109132


Events will be developed around the little orphan who, following a dream to become the ballerina, comes to Paris in 1879.

6.8 15955

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Since the childhood Conner was crazy about music. Still the child he with two best friends created The Style Boyz group. The group became very popular, and Connor zazvezditsya, having decided that success of group - only his merit. One childhood friend ceased to talk to him at all, another works for Conner as the DJ. And the best friends of the superstar - his manager, the organizer of parties and other unclear persons to whom only to hang out from morning to the night. And here great day - an exit of a new solo album comes. But, as we know, the above you flew up, the more painfully will fall.

6.7 45816

Sing Street

The nostalgic musical drama about growing. When the economic crisis of the 1980th strikes Conor's family, it is transferred from prestigious private school to state. The teenager faces roughness and ignorance of the new environment and, besides, falls in love with the inaccessible beauty. Wishing to impress the girl, Conor brings together rock group.

8.0 72606

La La Land

It is a love story of the starlet which between listenings serves coffee to the taken place movie stars, and the fanatical jazz musician forced to earn additionally in unimportant bars. But success which came to lovers begins to undermine their relations.

8.0 419194

Green Book

At one point, a sophisticated socialite, a wealthy and very talented musician realizes the need for a personal driver and a real bodyguard. The plot of "Green Book" he employs a person who is not suited for the job. In fact, Tony "Loudmouth" is a bouncer, whose language without bones. His finger in your mouth, give only chat on any topic. But with all this, it keeps the beat and wonderful waving fists. It is with such a man embarks on a tour of the musician that will forever change the lives of both heroes.

8.3 38220

A Star Is Born

Jackson Maine is a famous country musician who feels a certain creative crisis. Once the protagonist meets a future rising star, an aspiring singer named Emily. Between a man and a woman are generated real feelings that escalate into a turbulent love affair. Jackson helps Emily to win their place in the Music Scene. He is doing his best to make her career ascended the mountain by leaps and bounds. But, for all that he is well aware that its own glory and success slowly fade and fade into the background.

8.0 158369

Bohemian Rhapsody

Biographical drama "Bohemian Rhapsody" tells about the life and work of an outstanding lead vocalist Freddie Mercury and the legendary band Queen is one of the most successful rock bands in music history, which broke stereotypes that went beyond the strict framework of prudish Britain blasted world of music and has gained millions of fans. But the path to fame Freddie and his friends musicians was not easy, but a truly dizzying.

8.3 200362


The documentary and biographic musical movie Chavela is a life story and pits of the Mexican singer Chavela Vargas. The singer was born in 1919 in Ksta-Rike. Because of the poliomyelitis postponed in the childhood the heroine became almost blind. However, thanks to Indian shamans. Chavela could see again. Since fourteen years, the girl went to Mexico for search of new opportunities in creative development. And thirty years she became a singer in ranchero style. Around the world Chavela could become famous in 1940-1950. The viewer should see its creative and a course of life which was sated with many moments. She became known to much as the woman in a red poncho.

7.8 476

How the Beatles Changed the World

The history of The Beatles and their influence on everything from music, art, and culture to fashion and politics.

6.8 666

Finding Your Feet

"This is not what you think" — fatal words which are heard by all deceived wives who caught the husband with the mistress. Lady Sandra Abbott was not lucky doubly: the shocking opening happened during a solemn dinner on the occasion of an exit of her respectable spouse to pension, it is time. And two, the best friend was a razluchnitsa. 35 years of ideal family life ended with full fiasco, and Sandra runs from the respectable house to find a shelter in the London hole of the mad sister Bif where her elderly companions on dancing studio often stay …

6.6 3357

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

It is difficult to start talking to the unfamiliar girl, doubly — if she is an alien of unearthly beauty which will forever leave London (and the Solar system) as soon as the intergalactic party ends. But the nice rebel of Ann is in a forceful mood: to blow up a dance floor of newcomers and together with the punk queen to make a small revolution — what you will make for the sake of love! It was necessary to solve the main riddle of the Universe: how to approach the girl at a party?

5.8 6131


Energy collapse looms over civilization. Mineral reserves are nearing total eradication and alternative stations do not give the number of strategic power, which need earthlings. When to stop production, humanity will prove to be on the verge of extinction. Any sudden aggression by the humanoid will lead to Apocalypse. In addition, the lack of opportunities to produce manufactured goods and food products, sooner or later, to lead sentient beings to a standstill.

3.9 448

Access All Areas

The company of teenagers, despite of lectures and the bans of parents which are eternally engaged at work, organizes a trip on motorcycles. The purpose of friends — a musical festival and a concert of the group which is hotly loved by them.

4.6 166

Swing State

The bohemian radio host from Seattle, using the charisma on air, creates the fictitious media person who becomes suddenly famous.

3.6 255

England Is Mine

Movie about the beginning of a career of the outstanding singer Morrissey and The Smiths group.

5.9 1868

Band Aid

In the center of a plot — the young couple, whose life passes in infinite quarrels after they endured an abortion. Having almost despaired to return the happiness, they make up the mind to an unexpected step and create rock group, splashing out all collected experiences in a song. Perhaps, only music can save their marriage.

6.6 4007

The Girl from the Song

To achieve love of the passionate impulsive girl, the young musician goes to the desert Nevada to the Burning Man festival.

5.7 1131


History of the girl which comes to Texas to get acquainted with the stepsister and to touch musical heritage of family.

5.6 460

Brad's Status

Brad has everything to be happy. But when he meets more successful childhood friends who have arranged it in all respects, he feels like the full loser.

6.5 11503


12-year-old Miguel lives in the Mexican small village in family of shoemakers and secretly dreams to become the musician. Secretly — because in his family clan music is considered a damnation. Once his great-great-grandfather left the wife, Miguel's praprababka, for the sake of a dream which doesn't allow to live quietly to Miguel now. Since then the musical subject in family became a taboo. Miguel finds out what between him and his favourite singer Ernesto de la Cruz, now deceased, exists certain — still unnamed — communication. The fellow goes to the idol to the Country of the Dead where meets souls of the ancestors. Miguel gets acquainted there with spirit trickster by the name of Hector (in shape of a skeleton) which becomes his conductor. Together they move off in de la Cruz's searches.

8.4 231424

Pitch Perfect 3

A story about a group of young and ambitious female singers who are expected to face new challenges and trials on the road to success and widespread acceptance.

5.9 38207


Талантливая Келли мечтает стать танцовщицей, но ее родители против. Вся семья отправляется в Индию для участия в свадебной церемонии, на которой Келли влюбляется в новый стиль танца и человека, который танцует его.

5.3 463

American Satan

Young musicians throw college and go to Hollywood, to a meeting to a dream. Kind of they were talented, but there aren't enough funds for life: the group should live in the van. The mysterious stranger sees in them huge potential and, manipulating their feelings at the moment of weakness, forces to conclude the bargain with a devil. Now their music in literal sense can change the world, but whether musicians will be able to return control over own life, didn't become too late yet?

5.5 2165

Baby Driver

The young guy known as the Kid adores stylish music, fast driving and adrenaline in blood. All his life is continuous pursuits and firefights, he works as the driver who helps bandits to flee the crime scene. Once he really falls in love and decides to bowl off, but at first he should perform one more task which can quite be the last in his life.

7.6 330049

Song to Song

History of four young people and total energy of the people who have played in the tangled relations during the Texas rock festival in Austin. To Biwa and Fay — talented composers and rock artists, and Cook — the wealthy media mogul who has enticed in the networks the charming waitress from local cafe. Each of them passes in a pursuit of success and true love through temptations and treacheries — and all under rock'n'roll rhythms.

5.7 14170

All Eyez on Me

The unknown hidden behind newspaper headings and flashes of cameras history of the person who has become a rap legend and the dead in the 25. The truth how the black native of a ghetto, the participant of shootouts who was repeatedly brought to court and launched deadly war a record labels becomes the real voice of streets and one of the most influential performers in world rap culture.

5.8 17103

Forever My Girl

Liam Page is a country musician who instead of marrying his girlfriend Josie, rushed for fame and fortune. But one day he has to return to his hometown for the funeral of his best friend. And here he re-encounters Josie, his one true love.

6.6 6193

John Mellencamp: Plain Spoken Live from The Chicago Theatre

The American rock musician who started the career under the name imposed by producers Johnny Kugar.

6.7 44