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Paws P.I.

Petter is a typical teenager, it is betrayed loving the father and mother. His father was the owner of the detective agency until recently. Soon the agency went bankrupt and it had to be closed. St. Petersburg family suffered serious financial losses. The son sharply endured defeat of the father. The man hard was given the decision to close the agency, but an exit was not. It is sensitive having sat and having thought, Peter finds the solution how to help the father. He wants to restore the detective agency. Understanding that alone he will hardly manage to cope, the boy takes in assistants to a faithful doggie and parrot who as it became clear later, are able to talk. After a while friends get to epicenter of serious opposition with the most dangerous person in the city.

8.1 419

Dead List

Having got acquainted with the book the friend found out that the book contains an interesting ritual which will help to sentence people to death. It is necessary to make only the list of those whom you want to eliminate after the journey — further everything will occur by itself! This opportunity inspires the unlucky actor. He quickly makes the list of the competitors after whose death will remain the only applicant for a role of the dream. Now he should reap the fruits of the artful act...

3.0 101

The Bad Guys

Having for a while returned to the house of the childhood, the promising director meets the matured friends, any of whom is not aware that he is going to profit on a children's trauma which also divided them many years ago. Together they spend the days off full of alcohol, memoirs and regrets and bare the forgotten wounds, make new mistakes, understanding that consequences of youth can affect also in adulthood.

6.6 830

The Hurricane Heist

The hurricane promptly approaches the coast of America. Meanwhile the gang of thieves plans ideal robbery: to steal 600 million dollars from the U.S. Treasury, having used natural disaster as cover. But robbers have not considered one factor — the honest and prepared worker of treasury. The woman unites with the researcher of hurricanes on the specialized armored car in time, and now they — only who can prevent thieves to carry out the plan of robbery. Almost only, for hurricane out of categories there is no division on personal and others'.

5.1 15142

Another Soul

The young guy decides to use the inheritance and goes together with friends to the house which got to it from the grandfather. The cheerful company decides to survey the shabby building and finds the ancient book which text was written in Latin in the cellar. Having read the ancient manuscript aloud, friends do not suspect that thus they called the real offspring of the evil...

2.1 204

Blood, Sweat, and Lies

Having decided to change scenery the heroine decides to employ to herself the personal trainer. She decides to improve herself, and her mentor is placed on an ideal and as nobody suits it in this situation more. All goes well, however the girl does not represent what secrets this man hides.

5.3 252

Deadly Deed: A Fixer Upper Mystery

In the small resort of Laytkhaus-Kov all know that the woman - the best worker. And this woman - Shannon Hughes, the owner of construction company and the expert in restoration and reconstruction of houses. During repair work she will become a detective and will find a key to disclosure of new business.

6.9 403


To expose the unfaithful husband, the heroine, the former police detective, decides to use the equipment for shadowing. It becomes imperceptible for itself the woman the voyeur.

3.5 109

Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation

The collection of trailers to movies by nonprofessional cinematographers from all over the world. The genre in which their works — грайндхаус are removed unites these fans.

4.0 180

The Litch

An undead zombie wizard known as "The Litch" is hell-bent on devouring his victims and possessing the weak when his sacred crystal is stolen by a small-time crook and his crew of ...

2.9 74

Paranormal Evil

Heroes of the fantastic thriller "Paranormal Angrily Online", brothers Justin and Aaron, being children lived in the religious community where, as well as all other "brothers and sisters", worshipped an unknown being, without asking a question of sense of the belief. But the they became more senior, the more clearly understood that life of their "family" significantly differs from that that ordinary people conduct. Especially those mystical rituals which were necessary attribute of existence of sectarians frightened brothers. Becoming is more senior, all of them realized more clearly that all of them do not want to be a part of it, and as a result decided to leave sect.

Brothers managed to find the place in the world of ordinary people, memories of the past were erased from their memory. But, as it appeared, they were not forgotten by members of community. After several years of normal life brothers received the message from former "relatives" who invited them to return. In case of disobedience they are waited by a cruel penalty. Justin and Aaron decide not to pay attention to an appeal, but soon notice the signs indicating approach of a serious trouble. Young people do not want to come under influence of sectarians, but to defend the freedom becomes too dangerously.

2.1 59

Step Sisters

The daughter of graduates of Harvard Jamilah hopes to receive the recommendation from parents to get on law department. For now she earns additionally the assistant administrator of a teaching department and studies in college, being also a participant of local Afro-American dancing team on a step. But parents refuse to the daughter the recommendation, considering that it has to get to Harvard. In the next evening Jameela gets drunk at a wild party of the next women's community which photos get to the Internet that strongly spoils reputation of educational institution. The head, the graduate of Harvard, promises Jameela the recommendation if that restores honor of community, having gathered a new team on a step — now from white participants of the dishonored community.

5.4 3079

Time Will Tell

In the center of the plot is the girl named Kim. Her life is unlucky. Having experienced great stress in childhood, Kim constantly returns to these moments, and one day learns that she is able to see the past. The girl is terribly afraid of her father, who soon is to be released from prison. To prevent this, Kim is looking for new threats and dangers, trying to cause her unusual condition.

5.6 62

John Mellencamp: Plain Spoken Live from The Chicago Theatre

The American rock musician who started the career under the name imposed by producers Johnny Kugar.

6.7 44