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El Gallo

Raphael got a nickname of El Gallo that in translation is meant by "rooster", that quickly enough dealt shortly with the rivals on a ring. But once he ceased to fight then he was left by the wife, having taken away the five-year-old daughter and all money. The father was disappointed too in the son who began to trade in drugs, and turned out him. Felipe is the criminal leader for whom Raphael works. Once he met Camilla who is engaged in the organization of fights. She manages to arrange fight between Márquez and Rodriguez on whom Felipe wants to put the large sum. However his fighter cannot take part in a duel as he is arrested by police. He does not manage to find replacement too and then Felipe addresses Raphael. He offers it 50,000 dollars for a victory and now it has only two days on reflection...

5.8 68

Bad Apples

A small town in the United States, people prepare for Halloween. About Ella and Robert assort boxes after moving and carve a pumpkin. Nothing predicts the terrible events, as soon as the two teenage girls wear masks and start ukokoshivat all in a row, starting with the head of secondary schools. As explains, each herd has a black sheep.

3.7 516

London Has Fallen

Action of the movie begins in London where the prime minister of Great Britain perishes under mysterious circumstances. At a funeral certainly there are heads of the Western world. But what began as the safest event on the earth turns into the most dangerous attempt at the most powerful world leaders that the future of the whole world in turn threatens. Only three persons keep hope for prevention of accident: the U.S. President, his faithful assistant - the agent of intelligence agency and the English agent of MI6 who trusts nobody.

5.9 122457


Two talented American directors presented to the audience the comedy film under the name Spivak. In the center of the subject line Walley Spivak's life which at the moment falls to pieces. At the guy nothing is glued in private life, publishers categorically do not perceive his book. And Walley's environment is filled same, as well as he, by unsuccessful people. Being in Las Vegas, the main character absolutely accidentally gets acquainted with one surprising couple. This meeting cardinally changes life of the loser Walley Spivak. Together with it also its relation to life in general will exchange.

5.5 388


The group of teenagers decides to stop motorists and force them to participate in the real car racing further. Owners strength of mind are waited by something unusual. But not fair rates lead to consequences where one of participants for the sake of revenge decides on the most desperate act.
At the time of another race, two cars collide and one of drivers perishes. But, he comes back, only in shape of the ghost. He appears in a black car and begins to revenge for own death. One by one bastards died after the meeting with a ghost. But here is how only business reaches the chief criminal, events are developed in a different way. Something occurs not according to the plan, now the malefactor should get out of current situation.

3.5 335

Eruption: LA

The eruption of the volcano begins to cover the city, taking in the huge number of lives. To need immediately, but many choose priority not only rescue their lives, but also the whole of the city as a whole. Trying not to succumb to panic, Josh is teaming up with scientists and begin searching for Irvin Chess an opportunity to stop the madness, which broke out in their "small paradise". To help the hero goes and Hollywood star-Kat Rivers. Now this team stands at the head of the rescue operation. But they have enough force and determination to defy the very nature? Forgetting about the possible consequences that inevitably occur, the team comes into play where defeat has only one of the parties, in this case, everything points to the mankind.

3.4 111

Curse of the Witch's Doll

After the disappearance of the daughter of Adeline Gray, she faces complete indifference of new neighbors. No one believes that the daughter can still be saved. She begins to suspect that the incident is associated with a terrible doll, which contains real evil — it is inhabited by the spirit of the witch.

3.5 239


Ambitious high school student Samantha Hodges is a serious journalist, she writes for the school newspaper and for the graduation album. She and her three friends are on the scholarship list. Samantha decides to conduct her own investigation, after the list of fellows begins to thin out during the mysterious deaths of students.

4.0 105

Shanda's River

College Professor Emma goes in the small town of Voghera in Northern Italy, to examine the case of the murder of Shanda witch sacrifice sacrificed the river many centuries ago. On Emma fell terrible spell, from whom she is in an infinite loop. Every day she would die, and the next day everything will start all over again.

4.9 202


Hero paintings throughout his life he dreamed of becoming a famous musician. He wanted his heard on the streets, people to come to his concerts and asked for his autograph. But however much he tried, the young musician was not able to achieve fame playing with the other members of the rock band. Yet fate did not want to bring him luck, despite the fact that he was a tenacious and talented musician. The band played at some concerts, but in the eyes of viewers haven't seen hero of joy and admiration.

5.6 54